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Frequently asked questions

You have questions? We have answers!

1What does 'quatre histoires' mean?
It means "four stories". Doing "four stories" comes from the Gascon "har quate istuèras". The idea for this name comes from the excellent "Le livre des mots d'oc" by Pierre Salles, who devotes a chapter to this delightful "very popular and non-literary expression". He explains that "it invariably begins in the same way: 'E donc, qui i a de nau?' (what's new) It may not sound like much, but doing four stories is a great antidote to the stress of modern life, a ritual and ethnic antidote so to speak, and it allows news to circulate. Not depressing and mundane news [...], no, the real news. And what is great is that: "it is also a famous information transport company (that is almost never crippled by strikes or computer bugs), with a formidable efficiency and speed". Le livre des mots d'oc, Pierre, Salles, éditions Mon Hélios.
2What does the first bilingual communications agency of the bassin d'Arcachon mean?
Having lived abroad for more than 30 years, mainly in English-speaking countries, we are familiar with their culture and can work with you to devise a communications strategy geared towards these audiences: writing high-quality texts in French and English for your website, blog, newsletters, press kits and press releases, etc.
3What international experience do you have?
Marion Girault-Rime has lived in the following countries: Australia (11 years), USA (6 years), Japan (3 years), Nigeria (3 years), Singapore (3 years), Hong Kong (2 years), UK (1 year). She worked for 20 years as a Foreign Correspondent for French media outlets such as Courrier International, Le Monde and La Croix.
4Positive impact
Committed to a global, sustainable approach to economic development that respects both the environment and society, we are your preferred partner for positive impact communications.
5I'm a business or a local authority. How can you help me reach an international audience and get new clients?
Together, we can develop a communications strategy (website, social networks, blog, press kits and releases) tailored to your particular sector and geared towards your target audience. We have an extensive experience in creating high-quality content, as well as a vast international culture (30 years abroad, mainly in English-speaking countries).
6I'm a start-up, what can you do for me?
We can help you with your communications in France and abroad: writing and translating websites, blogs, social network posts, newsletters, press kits and releases, as well as Pitch Decks and grant/fund-raising applications - however technical they may be. Whether it's finding export customers or securing financing, let us be the linchpin of your international development.
7What distinguishes you from other regional agencies?
Our unique know-how and expertise in creating high-quality content: 20 years’ experience in French/English journalism writing for newspapers and magazines such as Courrier International, La Croix, Le Monde, GEO and ten years’ experience in communications, notably as digital communications manager for world-renowned NGOs and museums.
8Who are some of your past and present clients?
Master artisans (Parasolerie Heurtault, Nelly Saunier, Créanog, Atelier Hélio'g...), architects (Lina Ghotmeh-Architecture...), French brands (BACSAC...), exhibitions (WONDERLAB at the National Museum of China and the National Museum of Japan, Japon-Japonismes at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris...), museums (Mémorial de la Shoah...), international non-profits and organisations (L'Arche Internationale, Les Amis du Tohoku...), local authorities (Le Syndicat Mixte de la Grande Dune du Pilat)...
9What is your experience in the nautical world?
Marion started her career as a journalist in the nautical press, at Neptune Yachting and Thalassa in France, then at Australian Yachting in Australia, where she interviewed Isabelle Autissier, Christophe Auguin and Jean-Luc Van de Heede. Her grand-father worked for the Messageries Maritimes, living all around the world world with his family (Africa, Asia, Oceania) and creating a multi-generational respect for the ocean.
10Do you do press kits and press releases?
Yes, we do press kits and press releases from A to Z: texts, layout and graphics...
11I need a website, how does the creation process work?
We start by up a set of specifications together, which includes the "form" (logo, style guide, design, photos, etc.) and the "substance" of the website (its objectives, audience, editorial content, etc.).
12Can you update my website?
Of course, we can help you update any website, and even teach you to do it yourself if you prefer.
13I want to improve my communications on social networks, what can you do for me?
We can do an audit to help you determine where your audience is and how to talk to them: on which social networks, when and how. Then, if you wish, we can manage your social networks for you, or teach you how to better reach your audience yourself.
14Do you provide training and best practice guides?
Yes, we offer bespoke training courses: getting to grips with your website, managing your social networks, etc., as well as best practice guides adapted to your company/association and your specific needs (best practice guides for your employees/volunteers on social networks, etc.).
15What kind of translations do you do?
We do all kinds of translations! From contracts to architectural competitions, from exhibition labels and catalogues to press releases and press kits, from websites to social network posts...
16I have English-speaking clients and I need an interpreter for a few hours, is this a service that you provide?
In addition to French-English translations (websites, social networks, communication documents, contracts etc.) by a native speaker, we can accompany you to any event (real estate/construction site visits, contract signatures, tourist visits etc.).
17How do you keep up with the latest trends and good practices in webmarketing?
We spend a lot of time on the internet, on specialised websites, or reading books on webmarketing and social networks to keep up to date with the latest trends and best practices in digital communication!
18What kind of rates do you offer?
Our fees are à la carte, depending on your needs: hourly, daily or monthly rates (bronze, silver, gold and platinum packages). Contact us to discuss your project and obtain a personalised quote!
19How can we contact you to find out more about your services?
20Where is the quatre histoires agency based?
We are based in le Canon, Cap Ferret, in the bassin d'Arcachon, which allows us to be close to our clients, available, reactive and efficient.