The quatre histoires [four stories] agency

In Gascon, doing four stories means taking the time to stop and talk to your neighbours, friends – to share news with simplicity and authenticity, that essential information that makes the world turn.

Based on the bassin d'Arcachon, the agency is present all around the Bordeaux and Landes region, as well as in Paris.

Our goal: to help our clients reach their public with high value-added print & web communications.

Our advantage: our unrivalled know-how and expertise in bilingual print & web communications.

Marion Girault-Rime, creator of the quatre histoires agency

A former print & web journalist, Marion has been working for the past ten years as a bilingual information and communication specialist: designing and managing websites and social media; writing, translating and sending newsletters and press kits/releases; organising crowdfunding campaigns, photo and video shoots, web-documentaries...

Past and present clients: master artisans (Parasolerie Heurtault, Nelly Saunier, Créanog, Atelier Hélio'g...), architects (Lina Ghotmeh-Architecture...), French brands (BACSAC...), exhibitions (WONDERLAB...), museums (Mémorial de la Shoah...), international non-profits and organisations (L'Arche Internationale...).

Assets: a long experience in creating high-quality content in French and English, as well as a long international experience.

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